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Nicholas Merten, Crypto Analyst Mentions Altcoin Sector To Become Strong In 2022

Crypto analyst Nicholas Merten confims that one sector of altcoins is ready to lead the digital asset markets. As it concerns strength and performance for the next year.

Furthermore, Merten is considering the Metaverse Index against Wrapped Ether (MVI/WETH). Of course, looking at the crypto sector’s performance against Ethereum.

So, Merten explains.
“We’ve seen here that overall, the metaverse is one of the few key sectors that’s actually…”
“continuously, over the past couple months or really the…”
“last second half of the year, outpacing Ethereum.”

Then, Merten adds.
“That’s the kind of stuff that I want to look for as an investor…”
“That’s the kind of stuff I want to buy into on a discount, and…”
“we can see that every time we get nice pullbacks here,..”
“we build the base, we start moving higher.”

More so, The Metaverse Index (MVI) has the collective of leading tokens in the metaverse sector within one trading instrument. Of course, this is the reason Merten believes that buyin MVI is a way to gain exposure to metaverse assets.

Currently z The MVI is trading at around $236.

Aside this, Merten goes to mention that he’s eyeing the decentralize finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) sectors.

“I think the metaverse is definitely number one. Second off here would probably be on par with…”
“DeFi, NFTs. All three of which I think have a pretty substantial chance especially even…”
“against Ethereum to potentially keep up or perform just as well. It’s good to have…”
“diversification no matter what but place your bets more leaning towards what you believe.”

Then, Merten concludes.

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