Nym Announces New Blockchain Launch
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Nym Technology Announces New Blockchain Launch

Nym Announces New Blockchain Launch: Nym Technology, which aims to provide a vital privacy web service based on the blockchain, announced on the 19th that it would launch a new blockchain, “Nyx,” that will operate on the mainnet currently under development.

The Nym development team reports that it has successfully generated the first block on a Cosmos-based blockchain named “Nyx.” Nyx blockchain will sell high-speed intelligent contract execution and processing (up to 10,000 TPS) as an innovative contract platform on the mainnet that will be launched soon.

Before the launch of the mainnet, the Nym has outsourced the operation of the validator to the community, and the entry of nodes and validators is now underway.

Community members such as Dokia Capital, Figment, Chorus One, and community members such as Nodes Guru and Commodum, who have contributed to the testnet in operation since last year, have also announced their participation as validators.

Nym Technology Announces New Blockchain Launch

Throughout 2021, Nym achieved technical and financial milestones, including developing the desktop version of “Nym Wallet” and the open-source “Mixnet Explorer” and raising about 1.5 billion yen from the famous US venture a16z. Nym’s global reward-type Mixnet is steadily being prepared for full-scale operation on the mainnet.

In the future, “NYM tokens” will be issued at the time of the full-scale launch of the mainnet, and users will be able to earn rewards by running nodes in the network using Mixnet.

Nym Technology Partners with Swisscom

Nym Announces New Blockchain Launch

Also, on the same day, a partnership with Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecommunications company and significant IT company, was announced. Nym Technology from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, was co-founded in 2018 by Harry Halpin, Dave Hrycyszyn, Claudia Diaz, and others.

Based on research and development in three major technical fields, such as mixed net, anonymous authentication, and cryptocurrency economy, we provide an open-source, permissionless, and decentralized platform that utilizes incentive systems. We will build a next-generation privacy infrastructure that prevents user data leakage by protecting metadata at both the network and the application layers.

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