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The OK Group retires “Okcoin” in favor of “OKX,” a worldwide changeover.

Inaugurated in 2013, Okcoin is poised to adopt the same nomenclature as OK Group’s other cryptocurrency endeavor, OKX, which was previously recognized as OKEx. The prominent cryptocurrency exchange operator, OK Group, is currently undergoing a transformation of its business, consolidating its various crypto ventures under the unified banner of “OKX.”

OKX’s President, Hong Fang, chose the platform formerly known as Twitter (now referred to as X) to announce that Okcoin is in the process of rebranding into OKX over the upcoming months. Since its establishment in 2013, Okcoin will now share an identical moniker with OK Group’s other crypto enterprise, OKX (formerly OKEx).

In a heartfelt message, the executive expressed her five-year involvement with Okcoin and the significant dedication they have poured into the brand and product. She emphasized that the rebranding in crucial operational regions would be advantageous for their valued customers and business alike.

Commencing with Singapore, OK Group has laid out plans to systematically transition “Okcoin” into “OKX” in Europe and the United States over the forthcoming months, as confirmed by Fang. The executive assured customers that they will continue to receive the same array of product services, all within the established regulatory framework, while engaging with a rejuvenated brand.

Fang also disclosed that OK Group had recently phased out the “Okcoin” brand and product in specific regions, including Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Hong Kong, and various other regions.

Highlighting the significance of the United States in the global strategy of the company, the executive remarked, “It is our team’s home base and holds a special place in our hearts.” She added, “Despite the myriad challenges, our commitment to the U.S. remains unwavering. We aim to stand as visionary leaders, upholding the principles of empowering individuals and safeguarding freedom through technology, both now and in the future.”

This announcement follows closely on the heels of OK Group’s rebranding of another sector of its business, previously recognized as OKEx. In December 2022, OKEx unveiled its transition to “OKX,” reflecting its aspiration to transcend the role of a centralized crypto exchange and explore the realms of decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and Web3. The exchange was founded in 2017 by OK Group’s CEO, Star Xu.

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