OKEx Announces Return As All Functions Working Normally


OKEx, in an official media release, announced that all its functions are working normally. It also mentioned that all the users fund are safe and non-withdrawal platform ops functioning as usual.

“The OKEx P2P platform will resume trading on Oct. 21, 12:00 pm UTC for CNY, INR and VND fiat pairs, and the Buy Crypto fiat gateway will also be reactivated at the same time,” the media statement said.

“Please note that cryptocurrency withdrawals are still temporarily suspended. For your safety, avoid off-escrow trading as it runs the risk of scams and/or disputes without any protection. As always, please practice proper risk management when trading, and only follow our official communication channels for the latest updates,” it added.

This development comes after OKEx had suspended its digital asset withdrawals temporarily. The firm assured that the assure users that the security of funds on OKEx has not been affected. Additionally, all other operations on OKEx that do not involve withdrawals are functioning normally.