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Opening The Pandora’s Box To Real-World Tokenization

In a borderless economy, Pandora foresees real-world asset transactions on a trustless platform. Asset owners may transform their real-world illiquid asset to a liquid condition using Pandora’s scalable, interoperable, and high throughput infrastructure.

Multiple Facets of Pandora

Asset Tokenisation: With Pandora’s unique and creative method, convert your physical assets into digital assets utilising NFTs.

Pi-NFT: To ensure optimum value and scalable growth, the Pi-NFTs are backed by real-world value assets.

Marketplace: Utilizing Pandora, with just one click, you can buy, sell, and trade your assets with anybody in the world.

Lend & Borrow: Pandora eliminates the need for mediators, lend and borrow real-world assets.

Liquidity: By using real-world assets, you may boost your potential ROI with innovative NFT market practices.

Double Yields: Pandora is the first protocol to provide a constant double return on your assets using clever algorithmic contracts.

The Aim of Pandora

  • Form a link between the real-world asset economy and the developing digital asset and DeFi ecosystem, allowing for simple on-chain transmission via NFT tokenisation.
  • Construct a vast sequence of independent but interconnected deals that aid secondary markets in bringing the price of real-world assets closer to their true worth.
  • Aid in the conversion of illiquid assets and NFTs to liquid NFTs seamlessly.
  • Provide, the key to available finance is the ability for anybody to lend, borrow, and leverage tokenised assets. Because NFTs are non-fungible by definition, they are intrinsically illiquid. Tokenising real-world assets into NFTs puts them in a position where they can unlock greater value for themselves and their investors. Holders of tokenised NFTs do not even need to sell their tokenised NFTs before extracting values from them by staking these assets in lending pools, borrowing against their set values, and more. It means that, like other asset classes in the DeFi world, tokenised NFTs can generate yields for their holders.


There are still trillions of dollars in the real-world asset market that have yet to be thoroughly examined. It is not enough to digitise real-world assets due to their illiquid character and the difficulties in gaining access to secondary markets where investors may exchange them effectively. Therefore, a better option would be the tokenisation of multi-billion dollar real-world assets. Therefore, allowing for fractional ownership and the easy transfer of digital assets confirmed on the blockchain. Moreover, it’s simple to connect the real-world asset economy with other digital assets and bring them on-chain through NFT tokenisation for improved liquidity, validation, and unrestricted access to open finance initiatives, with Pandora acting as a middle-ware.

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