Osaka Digital Exchange Co. To Inaugurate Securities Tokens Trading In December
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Osaka Digital Exchange Co. To Inaugurate Securities Tokens Trading In December

  • Japan-based Osaka Digital Exchange Co. will commence the region’s first-ever digital securities tokens trade.
  • The initial phase will be rolled out on a small scale.
  • Several Asian countries are progressing towards embracing securities tokenization. 

As more financial institutions display a growing interest in digital securities tokens, Asian cryptocurrency hubs such as Hong Kong and South Korea are actively engaging in the regulation of the asset class and expanding provisions to more professional investors. 

Japan, not one to be left behind, is now set to leverage the growing momentum, unveiling a definitive timeline for the initiation of digital securities token trading for investors within the region.

Japan Sets Landmark Securities Trade For December 25

On November 20, Osaka Digital Exchange Co. announced its plans to kickstart the trading of digital securities in Japan on December 25, 2023. 

These digital securities will be presented in the form of security tokens issued by Tokyo-based real estate firms Ichigo Inc. and Kenedix Inc., with the backing of property investments to meet the growing demand for alternative assets providing higher yields.

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This initiative is expected to provide investors with the opportunity to trade tokenized assets efficiently and grant access to returns that are verifiable on the blockchain. Furthermore, it will enhance liquidity in trade markets and simplify investment processes, making it more accessible and user-friendly for individual investors to confidently place their funds.

Investors are advised to review cautionary notes provided by the firms regarding associated risks and other related issues and be mindful of potential losses due to price fluctuations and market factors that may affect the value of the products.

Osaka Digital Exchange Co. plans to gauge the market’s demand for the securities tokens through Ichigo’s initial small-scale release. 

The collaboration marks the first phase of Japan’s initiative to diversify its asset portfolio and generate higher returns, aligning with the vision of supplying the financial needs of its growing population.

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