Peter Schiff Wants Bitcoin Gifts For His Son Spencer

Peter Schiff (Courtesy: Twitter)
Peter Schiff (Courtesy: Twitter)

Peter Schiff has drawn flak from a lot of investors after his son Spencer bought an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin. The senior Schiff has now asked users to rather gift him Bitcoin as belated birthday present and also shared his address.

“Since so many of you Bitcoin guys are ribbing me because my son @SchiffSpencer bought #Bitcoin, why not really rub it in by gifting him some as a belated birthday present. He turned 18 yesterday. He won’t lose his. Here’s his wallet address: 3AeFWb22AG1qXLEyz1hNLYiT1PF8nrNrnK,” Peter tweeted.

To his, Spencer also acknowledged the tweet, and said ‘Just to confirm, yes that’s my wallet address.’

It has been understood that after the tweet was sent out Spencer has accumulated quite a bit of Bitcoin from the users as one of the tweets indicated that ‘The funds are pouring in. $706.35 USD so far. Not bad!’