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Real Vision’s Raoul Pal Predicts Crypto will bring the Largest Generation of Wealth Soon

Real Vision CEO and macro guru Raoul Pal shares his thoughts on crypto’s overall market cap. More so, saying there’s still a massive potentials and opportunities to grow.

Additionally, Pal goes on to add during his interview with Anthony Pompliano, stating that the crypto market is growing at a faster rate than the internet did.

“I’ve just got a chart of adoption of the internet, and crypto matches it beautifully,…”
“…except the internet was growing 63% a year when it had 150 million users,…”
“…which crypto has now. So it was growing at 63% a year [and] crypto is growing at 113%,…”
“…so this is double the adoption rate of the fastest adoption of technology in all recorded history…”

Pal continues..

“…We’ve never seen anything like this. Extrapolate the math,…”
“…you get out to 1 billion people by 2024. So this is going to happen really, really fast…”
“By the end of the decade, you’re probably at 3.5-4 billion people, so most of the world.”

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Meanwhile, The global cryptocurrency market cap is sitting $2.31 trillion according to CoinGecko.

Furthermore, Pal explains that most major asset classes sit within the $150-300 trillion range. Of course, this includes equities, bonds, and real estate,

Conclusively, The former Goldman Sachs shares views on crypto market cap spiking by 100x to compete other sectors.

“I think a roughly fair value to fit in with the other asset classes is $200 trillion…”
“So it’s 100x. We’ve never had an asset do 100x of that kind of magnitude in all recorded history.”

Pal concludes,

“We’ve never seen it before, none of us have lived through this…”
“So this is, I think, going to be the largest generation of wealth that…”
“…the world has seen in the shortest period of time.”

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