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Release of the Azukis Gold skateboard yielded a record-breaking 1,800 ETH

Azukis announced the winners on his blog and said the skateboards would start shipping the following month. The eight winning skateboards had price tags ranging from 200 ETH to 309 ETH, and a 24-hour auction over the weekend concluded the bidding.

The boards were constructed by Azukis leadership group at Chiru Labs, who also assisted with the implementation of a physical tracking chip to turn the token into a “physically backed token” (PBT). Each board had a different symbol etched inside of a deck weighing over 40 pounds, with trucks and wheels completely covered in 24K gold.

With current ETH valuations valuing them between a quarter million and a half million dollars each, they are regarded as the eight most expensive skateboards in history (and the first six-figure value skateboards). In addition to being a well-known figure among NFT collectors, top bidder “dingalingts” also has a considerable history in Top Shot, as his moniker suggests.


Azukis new collection of eight gold skateboards yielded over 1,800 ETH over the weekend over a 24 hour auction. Image Source: ETH-USD on

Azukis Shows Strength Just Like Many NFTs

The selling of Azukis occurs at an intriguing time for NFTs; a bear market has been ongoing throughout much of the cryptocurrency market for a significant amount of this year, with no end in sight. However, well-known, high-profile NFT initiatives have continually maintained their strength, and Azukis appears to be no different. It also occurs at a time when non-blue chip NFTs, such as Solana, Avalanche, Cardano, Hedera, and others, are attracting interest on non-Ethereum blockchains.

It serves as yet another timely illustration of the value of amassing such a loyal following. NFT collections continue to demonstrate their potential to represent the “future of communities” in some way, and Azuki’s ability to mobilize such substantial expenditures from such a specialized audience is impressive.


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