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Ronaldinho Breaks Silence on $61 Million Crypto Scam Allegations

Football legend Ronaldinho has recently stepped forward to vehemently deny involvement in a significant cryptocurrency scam that reportedly defrauded victims of a staggering $61 million. The charismatic athlete, who has graced countless soccer fields with his mesmerizing skills, is entangled in a controversy centered around an alleged crypto pyramid scheme.

Addressing the accusations head-on, Ronaldinho firmly stated, “It is not true I am the founder and controlling partner of 18K Ronaldinho,” during a recent court hearing. The former soccer star’s categorical denial comes amid mounting speculation about his role in the crypto scandal, leaving numerous investors reeling from significant financial losses.

Reports indicate that Ronaldinho appeared before a Brazilian court on August 31, where he categorically distanced himself from any association with 18K Ronaldinho, the company at the center of the crypto scam storm. The firm has been accused of luring unsuspecting investors into a complex web of deceit, promising unrealistically high returns on investment through dubious cryptocurrency trading and arbitration practices.

While Ronaldinho admits that the company exploited his name for its activities, he revealed that he chose not to pursue legal action against them. Intriguingly, he alleges that he, too, fell victim to the fraudulent scheme, although details about the extent of his losses remain in mystery.

Throughout the courtroom proceedings, Ronaldinho strategically exercised his right to remain silent, raising eyebrows and prompting speculation about his motives. This silence, however, did not go unnoticed, as he had previously failed to attend two court hearings. This led to a stern warning that police action would be taken against him if he continued to evade legal proceedings.

The allegations against Ronaldinho stem from a case that began in February 2020, sparked by numerous complaints from victims who fell prey to the pyramid scheme’s enticing promises. The company had reportedly offered investors the possibility of earning up to 2% returns per day through cryptocurrency trading, a proposition that triggered suspicions of a financial pyramid scheme due to the sky-high returns pledged.

Recently, Ronaldinho attempted to explain his absence from court proceedings, attributing it to adverse weather conditions that led to flight cancellations. However, his explanation has been met with skepticism, leaving many to wonder about his true motivations.

As the crypto scam saga unfolds, Ronaldinho, his brother Assis, and business partner Marcelo Lara are expected to provide testimony before Brazil’s Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. The spotlight remains firmly fixed on the former football superstar as the world watches how this unexpected chapter in his life’s narrative evolves.

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