SBI Holdings (Courtesy: Twitter)
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SBI To Pay ‘Hired’ E-Sports Players In XRP

SBI Holdings (Courtesy: Twitter)
SBI Holdings (Courtesy: Twitter)

The world of Gaming meets the crypto ecosystem. SBI e-Sports just hired two major Pro players, and is paying their whole salaries in XRP

The Japanese financial services group SBI Holdings is not playing on easy mode when it comes to e-Sports. Not only it is investing heavily on its team, but SBI also hopes to take advantage of the opportunity to boost the growth of the crypto-verse.

To strengthen its presence in the gaming scene, SBI e-Sports – the professional e-Sports team sponsored by the financial giant – announced the recruitment of two top gamers: Subaru Sagano, AKA Mickey; and Kenji Suzuki, AKA Ken.

Everything points to a strategy to promote the use of XRP. Since September 2020, when SBI e-Sports announced a sponsorship contract with SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd, both parties hinted at their pro-XRP intentions when they specified that “if a player belonging to “SBI e-Sports” wishes to do so, the annual salary will be paid by the crypto asset XRP.”

Both Mikey and Ken shared their enthusiasm on social media, saying they are willing to give their best to help SBI e-Sports grow. They didn’t elaborate on their XRP salaries, although the PRs explicitely said they agreed to receive their salary in crypto.

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