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Shopify Experiments with New Features in the Field of Web3

Co:Create, a pioneering company in the Web3 field, is set to revolutionize customer loyalty programs by launching the “Web3 Rewards Tool” app on the Shopify e-commerce platform. With this innovative application, more than 4 million merchants and online stores will be able to harness the power of blockchain technology to develop digital token rewards and engage their customers in exciting new ways.

Shopify, the renowned e-commerce giant catering to 2.1 million daily customers, is making a groundbreaking move by integrating Co:Create’s Web3 application within its platform. Co:Create, known for its flexible API-based community activation solutions, recently unveiled the “Web3 Rewards Tool” app. This app empowers Shopify merchants by enabling them to tap into the immense potential of blockchain technology. With a suite of dynamic rewards based on cryptocurrencies, token access rights, and customer loyalty features, brands, and online stores can now leverage gamified communities and personalized experiences to boost customer acquisition and explore the boundless opportunities offered by the blockchain world.

Leading e-commerce brands, including Allbirds, Asphalte, Taylor Stitch, Elder Statesman, and Gymshark, are eagerly embracing Co:Create’s Web3 app. By adopting loyalty programs based on cryptocurrencies, these brands are venturing into direct customer engagement and reaping the benefits of this exciting new landscape. Co:Create has chosen the Polygon chain, Ethereum’s layer 2 network, as the flagship infrastructure for this project. The integration of digital token rewards and NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, will further enhance the loyalty programs, ensuring unparalleled opportunities for both the brands and their customers.

Shopify’s foray into Web3 doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the growing demand for loyalty programs and blockchain technology. Notably, the company has previously partnered with for cryptocurrency payments and incentivized programs. Moreover, other industry players, such as TYB, have also launched Web3 applications on Shopify, showcasing the platform’s commitment to embracing new technologies and fostering online communities. Starbucks and Nike are among the major brands that have successfully implemented crypto-fidelity programs, attracting massive audiences and generating substantial revenue. With NFTs becoming a driving force in customer acquisition and brand loyalty, companies are capitalizing on their unique offerings to unlock additional income streams.

The rise of Web3 has propelled companies like Dolce&Gabbana, Tiffany, Gucci, Adidas, and Time Magazine to explore the realm of NFTs and blockchain technology. These brands have experienced significant financial gains through the sale of NFT collections tailored to their target audiences. The allure of rarity and uniqueness inherent in NFTs has proven to be a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention. Furthermore, the royalty structure associated with NFT sales on secondary markets allows brands to earn ongoing revenue, effectively transforming them into “artists.” As big brands continue to embrace Web3, the world of e-commerce is witnessing a paradigm shift that brings customer engagement to new heights.

Co:Create’s launch of the “Web3 Rewards Tool” app on Shopify marks a milestone in the evolution of customer loyalty programs. With the power of blockchain and NFTs, brands and online stores can forge meaningful connections with their customers, creating engaging experiences and unlocking the true potential of community-driven rewards. As Web3 gains momentum, it’s clear that forward-thinking brands will continue to embrace this new frontier to revolutionize customer engagement and enhance their bottom line.


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