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SKYNET Is Live: Testnet of the World’s First Decentralized Mesh Hyperscaler SKYNET ™ launched

  • Germany-based start-up Iron Eagle Capital GmbH develops a powerful and cost-effective cloud computing service 
  • Seamless connection of global servers from professional data centers revolutionizes computing power 
  • Technology is scalable, resilient, and up to 70% more affordable than current worldwide cloud computing offerings

Gersthofen, August 29, 2023. Today, the Germany-based start-up Iron Eagle Capital GmbH initiates the testnet environment of the world’s first decentralized mesh hyperscaler, SKYNET. This marks the beginning of the internal testing phase. The mesh hyperscaler combines Iron Eagle Capital’s developed distribution technology from the decentralized cloud computing solution GO with the infrastructure of the high-performance cloud computing solution PRO. SKYNET delivers unprecedented computational power, scalability, and resilience. This is achieved by connecting servers from professional and globally distributed data centers into a cluster through a unique seamless distribution technology. Corporations, large enterprises, and start-ups benefit from prices up to 70% more affordable than those of traditional providers worldwide, a pay-per-use payment system, and dynamic resource adjustment for optimized computing demands.

“We began developing an Expert Advisor for stock trading in 2013 but couldn’t find a solution for fast and affordable computing power back then. This led to the idea of and its solutions GO and PRO in 2017. From their combination, we developed SKYNET this year,” says Tobias Adler, Founder and CEO of Iron Eagle Capital. “With SKYNET, businesses of all sizes can utilize the exact amount of computational power they need, when they need it. Since we work with partner servers and users only pay for the actual computing power they require, without committing to subscriptions, SKYNET is up to 70% more affordable than all hyperscale solutions from our traditional competitors. Thus, SKYNET is intriguing not only for research institutions or large corporations, such as those in the automotive industry, but also for start-ups and especially AI developers.” SKYNET is based on Iron Eagle Capital’s developed applications GO and PRO. The former is a decentralized cloud computing solution that utilizes unused computing power from end devices. GO employs the distribution technology from BOINC, developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and further advanced by Iron Eagle Capital. GO caters to private individuals and smaller business customers, for tasks such as data analysis, research, and video rendering. On the other hand, PRO offers high-performance cloud computing in partnership with professional data centers. This solution was primarily designed as an entry product for small and medium-sized businesses that require standard computing power and can later utilize the mesh hyperscaler for performance scaling.

The name SKYNET is inspired by the “Terminator” film series featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tobias Adler explains, “Although the AI of the same name in the movie is an antihero, the provocative name, in the context of our mesh hyperscaler, accurately encapsulates its functionality. By connecting globally available but previously unused and urgently needed computing power, SKYNET creates unprecedented opportunities that can lead to new developments, especially in AI.”

Among’s services is support in applying for funding for innovative projects, covering 40 to 80% of costs. Additionally, an AI based virtual sales assistant provides customers with the most suitable solution with a few clicks, calculates the best price, and assists them in purchasing and addressing support inquiries.

For the internal testing phase, Iron Eagle Capital plans a duration of three to six months. Testing will include functionality, distribution of computing tasks to data centers and their servers (clustering), stability, performance, and security. The public availability of SKYNET is projected for 2024.


About Iron Eagle Capital GmbH and is a brand of the high-tech start-up Iron Eagle Capital GmbH, founded in 2013 in Gersthofen near Augsburg. The company’s journey began with the development of a trading bot. Licensed through a partner company with authorization from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), it is Germany’s first legal trading bot for cryptocurrencies. The need for affordable computational power for this trading bot led to the idea of

Through the solutions GO, PRO, and SKYNET, Iron Eagle Capital is building a blockchain-based distributed computing cloud that offers scalable and secure computing power to both private individuals and small businesses, as well as corporations, at a fair price-performance ratio. Payment follows the pay-per-use principle and can be made in the native currency TOKEN (NCDT) as well as in FIAT. Users receive a 20% discount when paying in NCDT compared to FIAT currencies.

In 2018, received funding from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), and in 2022 from the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Presently, is one of only five publicly funded crypto projects globally and the only one in Germany. Other partners include BAFA, DLR, CUDOS, LEDGER, pNetwork and TELOS.

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