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Solana’s JUP Airdrop Unclaimed by 54% of Wallets; Innovative AI Altcoin Sees Rising Investor Engagement

The Solana (SOL) project was one of the best cryptos to invest in last year and one of the top Defi projects. The ecosystem recently launched one of its biggest airdrops ever on the Jupiter Exchange, sending JUP tokens to eligible wallets. 

While many users have gone on to claim and sell the tokens they’ve received, about 54% of wallets have yet to claim their tokens. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is another altcoin to watch as its presale flies past the $8.9 million mark. It seeks to provide a more accessible avenue for artificial intelligence (AI) investments. It intends to serve as an alternative to mainstream investment channels and their capricious requirements. InQubeta’s early investors have accrued 220% returns on their investments and they’re positioned to enjoy up to 10,000% returns this year.


Best new cryptocurrency to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) offers investors as much as 100x returns

InQubeta intends to deliver a highly-needed solution by giving investors an alternative way to access AI investments. Many would-be investors can’t use the services offered by many traditional investing firms due to requirements they can’t meet. For instance, angel investment opportunities are only available to those who make more than $200,000 per year and those with a net worth that’s more than a million dollars. That’s a very small fraction of the global population. 

InQubeta seeks to democratize access to such opportunities so anyone can capitalize on the investment opportunities being offered by some of the AI startups emerging today. 

Artificial intelligence is on the verge of reshaping what life on our planet looks like and it will create extremely profitable investment opportunities. Investing in AI today sets investors up for exponential returns in the coming years as the technological revolution unfolds. 

Institutional investors are already pouring considerable funds into artificial intelligence, taking total investments from $12 billion in 2015 to over $120 billion at present. Investments in the space are expected to go beyond $1.5 trillion by 2030.

InQubeta is ideally positioned for long-term growth as it helps to direct these funds to AI startups in its ecosystem by connecting them with investors and other funding sources. 


Decentralized investments in the InQubeta network

Investors will not find any stocks on InQubeta’s ecosystem, but ERC20 coins perform similar roles. These tokens are created by AI startups and symbolize investment opportunities. They offer investors equity and rewards like profit sharing. 

Investors use QUBE to invest in AI by purchasing the ERC20 coins of companies they like. They can choose to hold on to their tokens for as long as they desire or resell them on the NFT marketplace. 

Investors can also choose to invest in InQubeta by buying and holding on to QUBE. Those who intend to hold on to their tokens long-term might as well stake them to earn more tokens and they have a voice in the ecosystem’s governance. 



54% of JUP recipients are yet to claim their tokens

Tom Wan, an on-chain analyst, states there are about 378 million JUP tokens that remain unclaimed. He estimates these tokens are worth over $3.6 billion in value.

In an interesting twist, it turns out that most of the wallets that have claimed their JUP tokens are those that received less than 1,000 tokens. 72% of these users chose to sell their tokens immediately. 

JUP tokens enjoyed an initial surge after the airdrop, but prices have pulled back by about 70% since then. More airdrops are expected in the future. 



QUBE and SOL are two of the best DeFi cryptos to invest in right now thanks to their tremendous growth potential. InQubeta is positioned to enjoy more growth thanks to its focus on making AI investments more accessible and the $1.5 trillion expected to flow into AI by 2030. 

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