Son Of ECB President Christine Lagarde Lost Almost All His Bitcoin
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Son Of ECB President Christine Lagarde Lost Almost All His Bitcoin

  • ECB President Christine Lagarde announced that one of her sons invested in cryptocurrencies and lost almost all of his money, despite repeated warnings.

Christine Lagarde, European Central Bank (ECB) President, is well-known for her harsh stance against Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies generally. She frequently states in her statements that cryptocurrencies are risky and warns investors to stay away from it.

Although Lagarde thinks Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are risky, her children do not agree with her and it seems as Christine was not strict enough on his children about crypto. 

Because, in a statement he made in 2022, she said that despite her anti-crypto stance, she did not pressure her children about cryptocurrencies and even one of her sons invested in cryptocurrencies with some of his wealth.

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According to Foreks, while Lagarde’s opinion has not changed so far, in her recent speech to students in Frankfurt, she announced that one of her children invested in cryptocurrency despite repeated warnings and lost almost all of her money.

According to Christine, 

“Even though I warned him many times, he did not listen to me and ignored me.

Despite this, I did not put pressure on him because it was his own decision. However, he lost almost all of the money he invested.

The money he invested wasn’t much, but he lost about 60 percent. When I talked to him about it again later, he reluctantly admitted that I was right.”

When Lagarde was asked which of her children had lost money, she declined to mention any name. However, it is known that the ECB president has two sons in their mid-30s.

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