South Korea University Plans To Establish Blockchain Campus


Korea Artificial Intelligence Association and Daegu-based university have made an agreement to establish a blockchain campus.

On 22 May  South Korea’s Suseong University achieved a contract with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, or KOREA, to develop a blockchain and AI campus in Daegu.

According to the statement released by domestic media outflow Money Today, The goal of the Daegu-based university is to inculcate AI, large scale data, and cloud-based technical advancement in the brand new division. They plan to start admissions for students by 2021.

COVID-19 Impact Showing Potential For Blockchain Upgrading Acception

Kim Kun-woo, director of the Planning and Coordination Division of the university, appreciated the declaration. He stated that – a global togetherness towards a blockchain “rapidly” and AI-based culture because of the worldwide l COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement also clears that many Daegu-based blockchain companies have decided to run training and work out projects within the campus.