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South Korean Pop Star Seo Chul-goo Reveals Losses of Up to $77,000 in Crypto Investments

Seo Chul-goo, a prominent South Korean pop star, rapper, and TV personality, recently opened up about his financial struggles, disclosing losses of up to $77,000 due to bad cryptocurrency investments. He and his fiancée, Lee Young-joo, appeared on the talk show “Love of a Lifetime,” where they discussed their financial situation.

During the show, Lee expressed concern about Seo’s investments, stating, “Seo Chul-goo tends to suffer from sleeplessness because of his work. But [recently] he hasn’t been able to sleep [due to his investments in] cryptocurrency. I really wish he wouldn’t [invest] in it.”

Seo had hoped to raise over $240,000 in two years to purchase a house for their future together. However, his investments have not gone according to plan. He revealed that he has lost between $61,230 and $77,000, which could have greatly contributed to their wedding fund.

Seo, whose real name is Seo Myeong-won, debuted in 2018 and has appeared on numerous rap and pop-themed reality TV shows. His appearance on “Love of a Lifetime” showed him anxiously monitoring crypto charts on PC monitors, highlighting the extent of his concern.

Seo is not the only South Korean music star to have experienced regrets regarding cryptocurrency investments. In 2018, Park Kyung, a member of the K-pop group Block B, admitted to making a “foolish” Bitcoin investment that resulted in losses. Similarly, Park Min-young, a top female actress in South Korea, made headlines when her relationship with Kang Jong-hyun, a suspected owner of the Bithumb crypto exchange, was revealed.

The South Korean entertainment industry has witnessed the intersection of crypto and fame, with notable dramas and movies like “Twenty Hacker” exploring the subject. “Love of a Lifetime,” hosted by popular entertainers Kim Gu-ra and Kim Min-jung, focuses on the financial situations of celebrity couples, offering economic advice from experts to help them accumulate wealth and protect their investments.

Seo Chul-goo’s candid admission serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the risks and challenges associated with cryptocurrency investments, even for well-known personalities. The story serves as a reminder to individuals from all walks of life to approach crypto investments with caution and seek proper guidance.


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