Srivar Harlalka Revolutionises Investing in Crypto Through Flippy: Excerpts
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Srivar Harlalka Revolutionises Investing in Crypto Through Flippy: Excerpts

Flippy has introduced a new concept in crypto investing through a social investment platform that follows a thematic investment model. The purpose of the thematic investment model is to provide maximum exposure to the investors. In our crypto Interview, today BitcoinWorld will be covering what Flippy founders think about the potential of their project to change the dynamics of investing in crypto. The interview was conducted through emails and this is what the founders have to say about the Flippy Platform; 

When you say Flippy bridges different exchanges, what do you actually mean by that? Do we get the upside to choosing multiple exchanges from a single checkpoint? If so, will there be an advantage of a trading fee waiver or any special benefit? 

Flippy is a social discovery and investment platform, where we allow users to login using their exchange credentials. This makes us a non-custodial solution, where we help users put in trades in relatable thematic baskets or invest in individual tokens using the flippy app, whereas trades are facilitated on their trusted exchanges. The users do not pay any additional fees, and can essentially put their crypto investments on auto-pilot using our app! 

Do you think that thematic investments will prosper in the market considering we have seen a lot of traders engaging in pump and dump? Wouldn’t false trade replication be presented to lure investors? Is there a mechanism you have in mind to solve that!

Thematic baskets are created by our in-house experts who vet individual tokens using thorough research and these are tokens with a high market capitalization, which cannot be manipulated by a single user or trader, save for certain black swan events. Secondly, we follow a stringent process of listing any basket by pro-traders as these strategies are back tested by our team using proprietary algorithms, making it safe for novice investors to invest in. 

When you talk of portfolio diversification through Flippy, how is that achieved on the platform? Like, as to how a trader will understand how to diversify their portfolio that best suits their interest!

Flippy baskets are a set of diversified tokens that comprise of either equi-weighted or market-weighted tokens under a broad theme that new users can relate to. For example, we have baskets such as DeFi or NFTs, where the top projects working in this space are put together for easy diversification. To add to this, all our coins have a ‘KYC’ or Know Your Coin where we deep dive into the tokenomics as well as the bite paper giving users a simple to understand description of what the project is working towards. Similarly, for baskets we have created a suite of content to better understand the use cases of that particular theme. 

The SIP feature is quite concurrent these days, how have you innovated that on your platform? 

At Flippy, we are building an ecosystem for all things a new investor would want and need to get initiated into the world of crypto. We take our customers’ suggestions very seriously while iterating on our features and offerings and a huge portion of our early testers had suggested including a feature similar to SIP, and so introduced ‘Buy the DIP’ where DIP is a Daily Investment Plan. 

On brainstorming internally as well as through multiple customer conversations, we realised that this feature would be incredibly useful for investors who want to beat the volatility while wanting to have a holistic investment process on autopilot. Like everything else, we are constantly iterating on our DIP feature and we are building some really interesting additions to the feature that users will love. 

What do you have in mind for the upcoming road map since you have already received the funding? 

We are currently focused on building the best version of our product for our users. And by product, we want to build an ecosystem that caters to all things an investor would want from investing in crypto. So far we have been building with a concentrated group of users who have been an integral part of our product’s growth. Expanding our existing community and welcoming the next set of users into our ecosystem is the next milestone for us. 

Do you think people will be eager to use this platform since the space has already been filled with numerous solutions simplifying crypto trading? 

Absolutely, for many reasons. The major reason is that we are not a trading application. Flippy solves for investment discovery and our product is an amalgamation of solid technology and robust research. While investing or trading even, people are in constant search for alpha. Every equity investor or trader is familiar with how businesses function and how cash flows help understand the performance of businesses, however, crypto projects and their fundamental analysis are not as straightforward. Our offerings help build a lucid model of how each project and theme exists in the space, why they exist, and a picture of their future in an elegant fashion.

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