Strike Partners With To Enhance Bitcoin Accessibility In Over 65 Countries
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Strike Partners With To Enhance Bitcoin Accessibility In Over 65 Countries

  • Strike, a cryptocurrency app, has partnered with to allow Bitcoin purchases in over 65 countries, enhancing global access to digital currency.
  • The collaboration aims to simplify the transition between fiat currencies and Bitcoin, offering users a direct way to buy Bitcoin using debit cards.
  • This move comes during a period of instability in the crypto market, with Strike emphasizing its commitment to Bitcoin and regulatory compliance amidst the industry’s challenges.

Strike, a notable player in the cryptocurrency space, has recently announced a landmark partnership with, a move set to revolutionize Bitcoin accessibility across the globe. 

This collaboration will enable users in over 65 countries to directly purchase Bitcoin using their debit cards, addressing a significant challenge in the crypto industry: the fluid exchange between traditional fiat currencies and digital cryptocurrencies.

In a Fortune interview, Strike CEO Jack Mallers stated that the company’s ultimate objective is to become the “Bitcoin firm for the world,” with international payments being a central component.

The integration with, a leading global payment service provider, augments Strike’s service capabilities significantly. 

Strike, which operates on Bitcoin’s lightning network, is primarily known for facilitating instantaneous and cost-free cross-border fiat currency payments. 

This partnership further strengthens its role as a Bitcoin onramp, allowing for more straightforward purchases and sales of the digital currency.

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Strategic Expansion And Vision

This new venture with isn’t merely an extension of Strike’s payment options but is a strategic step toward achieving its ambitious goal of becoming the “Bitcoin company for the Earth.” 

Strike’s CEO, Jack Mallers, has articulated a vision that revolves around harnessing global payments as a fundamental feature, promoting broader and more inclusive financial interactions across international borders.

Strike’s evolution since its inception in 2019 has been marked by a focused effort to navigate and overcome financial restrictions and regulatory challenges. 

With significant funding and a series of strategic moves, the company has expanded its fiat currency on- and off-ramps. This recent partnership is a critical milestone in this journey, especially considering the current volatile and skeptical climate surrounding the crypto industry. 

Strike’s steadfast commitment to Bitcoin and adherence to regulatory compliance is a key element in its ongoing expansion, aiming to foster trust and stability in the cryptocurrency market.

Broadening Horizons Beyond Crypto Transactions

Apart from facilitating Bitcoin purchases, Strike has innovatively broadened its service offerings. 

Its ‘Send Globally’ feature, previously enabling U.S. users to transfer dollars to various countries with the recipient receiving funds in their local currency, will now be accessible to users outside the U.S. 

This expansion is indicative of Strike’s commitment to facilitating seamless cross-border payments using Bitcoin.

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