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SushiSwap Executive Reveals Roadmap for 2023, Says ‘Interesting Suprise’ Coming to SUSHI

SushiSwap (SUSHIchief )’s technology officer (CTO) is looking back on 2022 while providing a roadmap for 2023.

According to Matthew Lilley, one of the key core developers behind SushiSwap, the DEX decided to put Kashi, a lending platform, and MISO, a token launchpad, on hold.

According to Lilley, Kashi was deprecated due to a variety of factors, including numerous design flaws, a lack of profitability, and a lack of resources. SushiSwap’s development was halted by MISO due to a simple lack of resources, according to Lilley.

According to the SushiSwap CTO, new iterations of both projects will be released in the future, but for the time being, the DEX is the primary focus.

“We intend to launch successors to these products in the future once we have the resources to dedicate product teams to them, but we believe that for the time being, we must focus entirely on the breadwinner, which is unquestionably the DEX.”

SushiSwap, according to Lilley, will focus on delivering concentrated liquidity, which allows liquidity providers to set specific price ranges to provide liquidity.

“Second, concentrated liquidity required prioritisation to bring us to feature parity with the AMM [automated market maker] sector. V2 had run out of steam. Concentrated liquidity is difficult to achieve, but we’re almost there and plan to release it firmly in 2023 Q1.”

Lilley also teases a “interesting surprise” in the works, as well as a new incentive structure for the exchange.

“At the DEX level, we have an interesting surprise and some interesting incentive re-alignment that I believe leans on our strengths and strengthens our position.”


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