July 23, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Blockchain News

Crypto Analyst Who Called 2018’s Market Bottom Predicts $FTM, $ETH, and $GRT Rallies

After correctly forecasting bitcoin’s 2018 bear market bottom over $3,000, a leading cryptocurrency strategist predicts Ethereum ($ETH), Fantom ($FTM), and The Graph ($GRT) will rise soon. In a series of tweets shared with his over 200,000 Twitter followers, pseudonymous analyst Smart Contracter disclosed that Ethereum rival Fantom, an open-source smart contract platform that competes with

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Bitcoin News

Crypto Twitter’s Mixed Reactions to a New Rollup Solution for Bitcoin

Ethereum’s scaling solution is now compatible with Bitcoin. Rollkit enables the storing of rollup data created for Ethereum but on the Bitcoin network. Rollkit, a modular framework for rollups, was successfully released on March 5, 2023, according to an official announcement. The technique might, in principle, assist maximize the usage of free space on Bitcoin

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