July 24, 2024
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Justin Sun’s Ethereum Holdings Closes In On 700,000 ETH

Onchain analyst EmberCN has released details of Justin Sun’s Ethereum (ETH) holdings, noting the Tron founder’s ETH portfolio is closing in on 700,000 ETH.  孙哥 Justin Sun 持有的 ETH 数量即将到达 70 万枚。 2023/12/26 至今,孙哥在本轮牛市里通过 5 个地址买进了约 42.18 万枚的 ETH ($1.267B),均价约 $3,006。 再加上此前持有的,目前孙哥通过多个地址 ETH 总持仓已达 69.87 万枚 ($2.215B)。其中绝大部分 (64.69 万枚)… https://t.co/LYNZIcG9Uc pic.twitter.com/75SmCTryNj — 余烬 (@EmberCN) July

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Trump’s Ethereum Holdings Surpass $2.8 Million Amidst NFT Profits

In a recent financial disclosure that has sent ripples across the digital landscape, it has come to light that former United States President Donald Trump possesses a substantial Ethereum wallet, valued at an impressive $2.8 million. The revelation comes hot on the heels of intriguing developments in Trump’s crypto journey, notably his significant gains from

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