Tether Surpasses $12 Billion Market Capitalization

Tether (Courtesy: Twitter)
Tether (Courtesy: Twitter)

Tether has surpassed the $12 billion market capitalization, the fourth best cryptocurrency announced on Friday in a statement. They said that since March 2020, the market for Tether has grown manifolds, recording at least a 140% of growth rate.

“Since March 2020, Tether’s market cap has increased 140% from $5 billion, maintaining it’s number one spot as the most liquid & trusted stablecoin,” they said.

At the end of last month the market cap for Tether was around the $10 billion mark but its jumped highly in the recent month.

It can be understood that $1 billion each was added to eth and tron for a combined additional $2 billion in tokenized dollars.

Meanwhile, there is hardly anything that is not issue for eth while for tron their has been an issue of at least 30%. It also indicates that new money is entering the market.

However, Tether has confessed that they have backup but they don’t necessarily keep liabilities in USD.