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Tezos to add Zcash’s Sapling Privacy Features

Tezos to add Zcash’s Sapling Privacy Features

Tezos developers Marigold, Nomadic Labs, and Metastate have unveiled various proposals for the next upgrade, called Edo. In accordance with the announcement, it will include new privacy features to the blockchain, alongside a few other improvements. Tezos developers stated that the new plans for the upgrade include minor bug fixes, additional enhancements to performance, and gas expenses. It also involves two new characteristics, namely Sapling and Tickets. Tezos developers plan to include new privacy features based on Zcash’s Sapling protocol in the following months.

After adding Zcash’s Sapling to Tezos, developers will be capable of using the feature in their Tezos smart contracts. This enables developers to develop blockchain dApps that makes sure user data privacy is maintained. Sapling functions by offering shielded transactions, thus allowing transaction participants to view amounts and addresses.

Tezos declares the Sapling and Tickets.

Tezos states that after it first declared Sapling’s combination, the feature has marked comprehensive testing and has been intensified in various ways, and claims faster performance. The new characteristic will be a component of Tezos’ “Edo” upgrade. Edo will also include a characteristic called “tickets” for managing smart contract permissions, and a number of bug fixes and improvements. A particular date for the upgrade has not been published.

Aside from Sapling, the Edo upgrade also includes a ticket system to the Tezos network. It enables smart contracts to award permissions or initiates token issuance protocols in the blockchain. According to the blog post, this new ticket system provides seamless access for third-party smart contract and dApp developers. The Edo upgrade comes almost a fortnight after the Delphi update release. Moreover, the developers elucidate that work on the former is going on in the background for a prominent amount of time.

Tezos says that it was capable of introducing Sapling owing to Tezos’s self-amending upgrades. It is a proposition that makes it feasible to combine new features quickly. Tezos is absolutely the most significant blockchain to add the feature. Nevertheless, at least two other blockchains, PIVX and Komodo have combined Sapling as well.

Conclusively, interest in Sapling and alike protocols means that there is interest in confidential blockchain features apart from the basic level of privacy that standard privacy coins award.

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