Thailand benefits from China’s decision to ban cryptocurrency.


With Thailand potentially benefiting significantly, according to a recent study, China’s decision to restrict bitcoin miners appears to have had a good influence on another Asian country.

Retail cryptocurrency mining in Thailand has gotten a boost as a result of China’s decision to impose a massive crypto ban. That’s, according to Al Jazeera, with more and more Thai enterprises.

Then, entrepreneurs taking advantage of the position and scenario that has presented itself.

According to one anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast who has subsequently become a miner. So, many in the country were “ecstatic” about the move and were exceedingly quick to buy the crypto mining devices. Which were made available owing to Chinese merchants.

In fact, the anonymous individual disclosed that after putting up a tiny solar-powered crypto mining machine for roughly $30,000. So, they were able to recoup the money spent on the expensive technology in just three months.

“We were happy when China outlawed crypto,” they stated, before adding, “I made it all back in three months.”

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