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A.R. Rahman and the HBAR Foundation Collaborates to get Content For new NFT platform

The HBAR Foundation announced a collaboration with Indian Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman on Thursday to create content for an NFT (Non-Fungible) platform to support India’s independent music community.

“The HBAR Foundation is proud to support innovative projects across the globe,”
“and our strategic partnership with A.R. Rahman provides tremendous value to the…”
“HBAR ecosystem with its focus on the large and vibrant music community in India,”
Then, Shayne Higdon, Executive Director & CEO at the HBAR Foundation says.

NFTs are digital files that act as digital signatures, allowing the owner of images, movies, and other internet assets to be verified. So, Auction houses are selling some of the most prized NFTs for millions of dollars.

The HBAR Foundation announces that it will fund the creation and growth of the NFT platform. Of course, which is set to start in the first quarter of 2022.

A.R. Rahman will release his first-ever NFT drop as part of the event. Of course, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity.

“We’re excited to partner with HBAR Foundation to create content,”
“as well as support and mentor the new NFT platform,”
“which in turn will bring more opportunities to the Indian music community,”
So, he says

“Glad to partner with @HBAR_foundation to create content,”
“as well as support and mentor the new #NFT platform,”
“which in turn will bring more opportunities to the Indian music community.”☺️🌻👍 #NFTs — A.R.Rahman (@arrahman) January 6, 2022

“The new platform will enable independent musical artists to release content as NFTs,”
“interact with fans, engage with their communities and help monetize their creations.”
Then, A.R. Rahman adds

So, The HBAR Foundation notes that Hedera Hashgraph is for NFT offers from an increasing number of organizations. This is because the blockchain platform features the industry’s most decentralized and transparent governance architecture. That’s, overseen by the Hedera Governing Council, ensuring network resilience.

More so, Hedera features 10,000 transactions per second, cheap. Then, predictable transaction costs, real-time settlement. Also, and low and predictable energy usage because of its eco-friendly proof-of-stake consensus. Of course, this js according to the company.

A.R. Rahman is the most recent addition to an ever-growing roster of Indian celebrities who are supporting the NFTs. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has previously released his own art NFTs, while Salman Khan has pledged to release his own NFTs in the near future.

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