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The Crypto Crusader: Will Blockchain Detective ZachXBT Rise Above This Lawsuit?

In the wake of a recent disclosure, ZachXBT, a highly regarded investigator crypto sleuth, found himself entangled in a defamation lawsuit stemming from one of his previous groundbreaking investigations. However, what followed was an outpouring of support from the crypto community, as donations exceeding $1 million flooded in to aid ZachXBT’s legal defense.


Taking to Twitter, ZachXBT shared a digital wallet address, inviting contributions from individuals concerned by the troubling allegations brought forth by Jeffrey Huang, a Taiwanese-American musician and tech entrepreneur.

Describing the situation as a modern-day “David and Goliath story,” ZachXBT shed light on the lawsuit that Huang, also known as Machi Big Brother online, had filed against him.


The legal dispute revolves around an article posted by ZachXBT a year ago, in which he implicated Huang in the embezzlement of millions of dollars’ worth of Ethereum from Formosa Financial, a now-defunct crypto treasury management platform co-founded by Huang. Importantly, ZachXBT’s claims were substantiated by concrete on-chain data, lending credibility to his accusations.

ZachXBT anticipates that his legal defense expenses may exceed $1 million, a substantial amount by any measure. Remarkably, within a mere 24 hours, the wallet address shared by ZachXBT has amassed a digital asset portfolio surpassing this target. Notably, the majority of these contributions comprise stablecoins, as reported by Nansen Portfolio.

This rapid and substantial accumulation of funds raises intriguing questions about the crypto community’s unwavering support for ZachXBT and their collective determination to ensure his legal defense is well-funded.


At present, the wallet linked to ZachXBT’s cause showcases a remarkable array of digital assets. The involvement of users from diverse crypto exchanges underscores the widespread support for ZachXBT’s endeavour. Nansen data reveals that funds have flowed into ZachXBT’s wallet from wallets associated with prominent exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Bybit, Coinbase, Kraken, OKX, Uniswap, and 1inch. This highlights the collective effort of individuals across the crypto industry who have rallied together to assist ZachXBT’s cause.


Even Binance CEO Changpeng (CZ) Zhao has made a notable donation, encouraging ZachXBT to persevere in his fight and uphold transparency within the industry. This gesture is particularly significant as Binance and Zhao himself grapple with a highly publicised lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Amidst the wave of support pouring in for ZachXBT, it is also intriguing to note that Justin Sun, the visionary behind Tron and an esteemed advisor to the crypto exchange Huobi, also made a significant contribution. A translation of a tweet reveals that Sun generously donated $10,000 worth of the stablecoin True USD to ZachXBT’s cause.


This act of support underscores the recognition of ZachXBT’s pivotal role in educating and enlightening the crypto community. Sun’s involvement raises questions about the impact of ZachXBT’s work in fostering awareness and knowledge within the industry.

ZachXBT announced that any remaining funds donated to his legal defense would be promptly returned to contributors on a pro-rata basis, ensuring that each individual receives their rightful share based on their respective contributions. This pledge reflects ZachXBT’s unwavering commitment to integrity and fairness throughout his journey.


As the lawsuit against ZachXBT continues to unfold, an intriguing dynamic emerges within the Web3 community. It is evident that members of this vibrant community are resolutely standing by ZachXBT’s side, demonstrating their unwavering support by entrusting him with their hard-earned assets. This act of solidarity highlights the recognition of ZachXBT’s remarkable dedication in making a positive impact within the crypto realm. Moreover, it emphasises the community’s willingness to reciprocate and provide support to someone who has tirelessly dedicated their time and expertise to advance the field of cryptocurrencies, often seeking little in return.


The flurry of contributions from various crypto exchanges and the influential figures within them prompts us to reflect on the significance of this collective response. What drives individuals from across the industry to unite behind ZachXBT’s cause? Is it a testament to their belief in the merits of his case, or does it signify a broader desire for increased transparency and accountability within the crypto space? The convergence of these parallel legal battles adds yet another layer of intrigue, underscoring the pivotal moments unfolding in the realm of digital currencies and the determination of those involved to shape its future.


In addition, the outpouring of support underscores the remarkable interconnectedness and sense of shared purpose that permeates the crypto landscape. As the legal proceedings continue to unfold, it becomes evident that ZachXBT’s cause has become a rallying point for individuals who recognise the significance of supporting those who have dedicated themselves to driving positive change in the crypto industry.

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