The Cryptocurrency Job Market ‘Has Matured’ Chief Executive Officer of CryptoJobsList


According to CryptoJobsList Founder Raman Shalupau, the Cryptocurrency employment industry has grown significantly stronger and is now better prepared to withstand market downturns.

The statement was made during an exclusive BeInCrypto interview in which we discussed a variety of topics, including the top career trends for 2021. We also looked at wage data to see how highly crypto employees are compensated.

One of Shalupau’s findings implies that the crypto sector is now in a better position than it has ever been. The price of bitcoin and other significant assets fell in May 2021, and prices did not begin to increase steadily again until July.

Market corrections have historically had a chilling effect on the employment market, but Shalupau detected something different this time.

“The crypto jobs market has matured, to a point where it’s much stronger than previous years,” Shalupau said.

“In May, when the price of bitcoin and ether fell, the job market stayed strong…”
“The evidence from CryptoJobsList shows that hiring managers..”
“didn’t halt or even pause their recruitment efforts.”

While the employment market’s resilience is obviously wonderful news for job seekers, it also bodes well for the crypto economy as a whole. The ability of firms to prepare for the long term, according to Shalupau, is a major component in the change.

“In previous bull runs, we saw unsustainable growth where companies spent a lot of money…”
“during good times and did not have the runway for bear markets.”
“This time around, the market is more mature, and we have more established companies with…”
“greater cash reserves – many with VC funding. Companies should be able to sustain multi-year bear markets,”
“which is good news for the crypto jobs market.”

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