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The Ontario Government Puts Moratorium on more donations to the Freedom Convoy

The Superior Court of Justice in Canada has given the Ontario Provincial government an order to prevent millions of dollars in donations on the GiveSendGo platform from reaching the Freedom Convoy demonstrators.

Since GoFundMe stopped $10 million in donations last week and eventually returned contributors after a backlash. That’s, the truckers have been refused access to funds for the second time.

So, The latest attempt to defund the demonstration involves payments made to the GiveSendGo fundraising platform’s “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “Adopt-a-Trucker” pages. “Freedom Convoy 2022” had raised $8.4 million as of Thursday, while “Adopt-a-Trucker” had received $686,000.

Ian Miles Cheong, a writer for the Post Millennial, tweeted today:

“Bitcoin fixes this… They’d have to make cryptocurrency illegal in Canada.”

One of the fundraiser’s organizers, Benjamin Dichter, concurred with Cheong. “This is fantastic for Bitcoin,” he tweeted today.

A group of supporters had already founded the HonkHonk Hodl organization with the express purpose of assisting the convoy in raising Bitcoin cash. More so, The group had raised 21 BTC ($902,000) at the time of writing.

Aslo, Last year, Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode noted that the BTC payment solution is a feasible alternative for people whose traditional payment methods have been restricted.

“One of the benefits of Bitcoin is its censorship resistance.”

“Without any central authority to dictate who can and can’t use Bitcoin, it has proven to be the currency of”

“choice for many individuals and organizations who have been left out of traditional payment methods.”

Then, Accepting Bitcoin donations, according to OpenNode, raises awareness of Bitcoin among donors and receivers and increases adoption.

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