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There are Rumors of a New “Twitter Coin,” and Dogecoiners are Still Hopeful.

Tech sleuths online say they have found a secret new project on Twitter. This project is called “Twitter Coin.”

People on social media are spreading rumors that Twitter might start its own currency called “Twitter Coin” that could be used to pay for things and give tips on the site.

Some people are using the first reports from people like Nima Owji, who has a Twitter account that leaks information about apps.

On December 4, he posted a screenshot of what looks like a prototype Twitter interface with a “Coins” tipping option and a vector image of a coin with Twitter’s logo on it.

Others have pointed to tweets from tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who said she extracted code from a specific version of Twitter’s web app to find the same information as Owji. However, both the post and Wong’s account have since been deleted for unknown reasons.

There have also been a lot of posts with the hashtag “TwitterCoin.” Many people are excited, but not really surprised, that the social media platform could be working on new payment rails and system integrations now that Elon Musk is in charge.

Dogecoin fans on Twitter and Reddit have also tried to connect the dots. Some are still holding out hope that Twitter Coin is just a temporary name for Dogecoin, since Musk has been involved with the memecoin for a long time.

In a Twitter Spaces on December 4 about a similar topic, Musk told 2.1 million people that he was still interested in adding cryptocurrency to the social media platform. “It’s pretty obvious that Twitter should accept both fiat and crypto payments,” he said.

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