Circles (Courtesy: Twitter)
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This App Gives Users Free Crypto

Circles (Courtesy: Twitter)
Circles (Courtesy: Twitter)

Circles, an ambitious crypto project that promises a “Basic Income on the Blockchain,” launched today.

Circles, which just launched on the xDai Ethereum sidechain, gives each of its users a basic income in the form of a cryptocurrency called “Circles.” Theoretically, the value of a Circle, which at present is unclear, increases as more people use the network. 

The protocol issues Circles to all of its users each week. Upon signup, you’ll receive 100 Circles. CThen, you’ll receive about 14 Circles each week; the value should inflate by 7% each year. 

Anyone can create an account, but to verify it you’ll need “3 incoming trust connections,” according to an FAQ on the site. This means that three people must invite you to the platform. 

The Berlin-based company, which launches as Germany experiences a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, advises that you only verify other users if you know someone in person. However, many users have posted their invitation codes on Twitter.

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