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Tone Vays, Crypto Trader Notes What’s Holding a Bitcoin Breakout

Vays, the Veteran crypto trader explains a notable price level, acting as the breakout line for Bitcoin’s next price uptrend.

Furthermore, Vays says he expects Bitcoin (BTC) to decline to about $54,000. However, it may not pull up like that any longer.

More so, While talking his 115,000 YouTube subscribers,
Vays goes on to explain how Bitcoin’s 128-day moving average is almost crossing above its 200-day moving average.
Which of course, shows more bullish price move in the medium to long term.

Also, Vays notes how one more green daily close will take BTC close to $64,000 ( breakout line).
Additionally, He expects the resistance around $66,000 is not strong enough to hold off another spike.

“That would get us very close to this line, and I’m using this line as the breakout line…”
“If we can get above this line, I see very little probability that this top will hold,..”
“and once we get above this $64,000 line on a sustained basis or an end-of-close or a 24-hour average basis,…”

More so, Vays continues.
“I’m going to anticipate this top to fall in short order and up and up and up and up we go…”
“So the daily chart, while neutral, is certainly leaning bullish.”

Recall, In in September, Vays makes accurate prediction on Bitcoin hitting its all-time highs in mid-October.
Notably, another part of his prediction will have BTC hit the six-figure mark in late December.

“Just like before, in early October or mid-October,…”
“I expect us to start challenging the prior all-time highs…”
“and then a huge run-up at the end of the year.

So, Vays concludes.
“Like mid-October into late December, I’m expecting us to go from…”
“that $65,000 all the way to $100,000. That is still my target.”

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