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Top 3 Best Early Altcoins Not To Miss Out On! Kangamoon ($KANG), Eggdog (EGG), and DUKO (DUKO)

Amid the anticipated bull run, crypto investors are already adding top altcoins with huge growth potential to their portfolios. After studying the market trends of some cryptos, some analysts believe that KangaMoon, Eggdog (EGG) and DUKO (DUKO) are among the best altcoins to buy and HODL now ahead of the bull market. While Duko saw an over 1000% rally in the past 30 days, KangaMoon has given early investors over 180% ROI, with analysts projecting more in the coming weeks. Eggdog is already witnessing massive trading activity which will translate to a bull run. 


KangaMoon (KANG) To Be Listed on Tier-1 CEX Exchanges Soon 

Despite the remarkable run by the Eggdog and DUKO in the crypto market, the KangaMoon (KANG) is still one of the top altcoins on the investor’s watch list. The surging momentum of the project has led to over 8500 people purchasing the token and that has helped the team raise over $4M. So far, the project has witnessed over 20k registered community members. 

Meanwhile, the native token of the platform, KANG, is sold for just $0.0196. Having increased from $0.0050 in stage 1 to $0.0196, it means that early buyers now have 291% ROI. Some analysts think that KANG will return 50x in the coming months and that could see its price reaching $0.5 in Q4. Meanwhile, a 10% deposit bonus is given to buyers. 

The team is also planning on listing the token in major CEX exchanges in Q2, which means that KANG could outshine Solana-based meme coins sooner than anticipated. For context, KangaMoon will integrate the social-fi model with P2E NFT games to give users an immersive gaming experience. Users can compete in weekly, monthly and quarterly giveaways and earn prizes. 

Also, users can earn more tokens when they participate in community activities such as sharing tweets or commenting on posts that are aimed at promoting the project on social media. With the NFT market set to hit $200B in 2024, KangaMoon will ensure that users benefit from the industry. As such, now is the best time to join the 2024 hottest meme coin.


Eggdog (EGG) Continues to Battle the Bear Market

Things are not looking good for the Eggdog (EGG) coin as it continues to dip in price. Based on data from CoinMarketCap, the token price has slumped by 38% in the past month. Another 15% drop was noticed on the Eggdog price chart in the past week. This signals that the bears are in control.

Zooming in, the Eggdog market cap is down and could drop below the $3M mark in the coming days. Meanwhile, the tokens market activity is slightly on the uptrend. While the Eggdog price has dropped by 77% since it was launched last December, some analysts believe that it will witness a massive rally when the bull run comes. As such, now is the best time to accumulate the token as it is less than a cent. 


DUKO (DUKO) Gains 1000% in 30 days 

The DUKO (DUKO) token is one of the best altcoins to invest in Q2. The token price has increased by over 1270% in the year-to-date price metrics. Zooming in, the DUKO price has surged by 1000% in the past 30 days. While the coin price has dropped significantly in the past week, some analysts argue that it is a mere retracement. As such, they project a resurgence soon. 

Meanwhile, the DUKO trading volume is experiencing an uptrend and the increasing market activity could lead to more rallies. At the current trajectory, DUKO will cancel one zero in the trading chart before the end of Q1. As such, DUTO is one of the top altcoins to buy now ahead of the bull run. 

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