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Top Crypto Strategist Says Ethereum Is Just One Resistance Away From Hitting $5,000

A popular crypto analyst and trader expresses thoughts and findings on Ethereum and also bitcoin. Additionally, he goes all out in bullish talks on both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

For instance, he predicts massive rally for the two largest crypto assets in coming days.
Furthermore, the crypto trader is widely called Cred. Meanwhile, he predicts that Ethereum will breakthrough its resistance at $4,000 then gears up for a new all-time high.

“At the minimum, I would think that if we start breaking resistances and head up,…”
“…that we go to $4,400. Maybe it just goes to $4,600, $4,800 [and] $5,000.” He explains further.

Meanwhile, as Cred is bullish on Ethereum, he expresses another concern again on the second largest crypto. Saying, there could be a corrections after hitting his bullish target levels.

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Also after Ethereum, He goes further to say that Bitcoin, which is the largest crypto by market cap will see massive spikes soon. However, he notes that traders will turn bearish every time BTC completes a leg up.

“It starts looking like we have a double top here, and that’s probably not going to hold because these double tops rarely hold unless the S&P [500] just mega dumps…” “…Maybe you get like sideways consolidation into another move up. And then people would be like, ‘Yeah, this was the second leg of the move….” “…So that’s done.’ But then you have a double top here ($52,000). That’s really close to each other….” “…It doesn’t make much sense to not break that. So you do another third push.”
“….If that’s one week, maybe we go down a little bit more, but in general, this looks like it wants to go up to me.”

Conclusively, Cred believes Ethereum will easily see the wild run and also while Bitcoin is above $44,000, it is well in position for another massive rally.

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