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My Crypto Exposure Is Now Bigger Than Gold – Shark Tank Veteran Kevin O’Leary Reveals

Shark Tank star and investor Kevin O’Leary explains how his portfolio contains more cryptocurrency than gold. However, noting this is only happening for the first time ever.

Additionally, during an interview with Daniella Cambone on Stansberry Research, the popular investor also notes he won’t selling off all his gold. However, judging from his perspective, he sees the crypto space as a huge deal, even beyond just price speculations.

Furthermore, he explains that there’s so many other reason to invest in crypto other than betting on the price alone. He goes on pointing out Solana and Ethereum blockchain.

“I have 5% in gold so crypto for the first time is more than gold for me, and I’m going to keep my gold. I see no reason to sell it…”
“…But in crypto, it’s not just betting on the price of Bitcoin (BTC) anymore. There are so many other ways to invest,…” “….particularly in blockchain opportunities [such as] Solana and Ethereum…” “…There are so many different level ones, and of course, the level twos, the derivatives that are put on top of Ethereum and Solana and all the others…” “…I just see a lot of investment opportunity, and I’m going to be an investor in that space.”

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Furthermore, O’Leary reveals that crypto investment now amounts to 7% of his balance sheet portfolio.
Notably, he strongly believes in diversifying his portfolio and betting on both gold and bitcoin. Noting that its a good idea to have exposure in both assets. While, instead of having to make a decision against another as indicate by the media.

“Nothing is going to replace gold… [It] will remain an asset class in portfolios like mine and others as a property…” “…You can’t stake gold. You can’t lend gold… At the same time, with crypto,…” “…you have the opportunity to stake it or lend it and get some kind of appreciation of value through interest…”
“…So I think they’re two different asset classes… It’s fun to see the press create this controversy between gold and Bitcoin,…” “…[but] it’s irrelevant. They’re completely different. From my perspective, having exposure to both is a good idea.”

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