Traffic Summit speakers will shed light on new internet marketing trends

130 new Internet users appear every second. Last year, global spending on online shopping were $3.85 trillion. Speakers of the Traffic Summit conference (which will be held in Istanbul on September 28-29) shared their thoughts on what awaits the digital industry in the near future and what traffic sources will be the most promising for promoting goods and services.

The Traffic Summit conference will bring together more than 3,500 participants from various fields: representatives of the affiliate industry, media buyers, advertising specialists and Internet marketers. The event will cover all areas where marketing plays a key role, including currently popular crypto projects and NFTs.

The TS agenda, in fact, includes Internet traffic itself – new sources and working schemes, a non-standard approach to advertising, promising GEOs and access to emerging markets. But before the conference started, our speakers lifted the veil of secrecy and shared their thoughts on the trends that already exist or will soon appear in the world of digital marketing and customer acquisition.

Many companies have already embraced video marketing and it will remain one of the most important, visible and mainstream trends in the digital industry. “We are witnessing the insane popularity of TikTok and I think this social network will continue to thrive. Generation Z dictates its own rules, while TikTok listens to its core audience by serving them with consistently fresh, engaging, and helpful content”, – said Lazar Žepinić, co-founder and CEO of Pendulum Ads, and a Traffic Summit speaker. The expert’s opinion is also confirmed by statistics on other social networks. For example, Youtube ad reach also increased by 12% over the past year and amounted to 2.5 billion users.

Organic search through search engines is still one of the most effective sources of traffic for many digital professionals. “The traffic source of my choice would be Google for sure, just because of how stable the platform is”, – said Maor Benaim, owner of Of The Wolf Marketing, and a Traffic Summit speaker. However, experts do not rule out that email marketing can also be a more effective tool for attracting customers.

The question that concerns several reports at the conference in Istanbul at once is the discovery of new promising GEOs for Internet marketers. Traffic Summit speaker Lazar Žepinić shared his predictions and thoughts about the growing popularity of certain locations. “By the end of 2022, 20.3% of global purchases will happen online, and the most important markets will undeniably continue to be China and the United States”, – the expert comments. – “The E-commerce business is penetrating the fastest in South Korea, United Kingdom, and Indonesia, according to CBRE.”

Industry leaders will talk in more detail about digital marketing trends at the Traffic Summit stage, the overall program includes more than 30 detailed reports. Speakers will be Amin Siala, Google Development Consultant; Todor Minev, CEO of Hyperzon Inc.; Zach Benson, founder of Assistagram, Thomas Moen, CEO of MOEN & Co; Arvin Khamseh, founder of SoldOutNFTs and others.

The finale of Traffic Summit will be a grandiose ceremony of awarding the winners of the World Traffic Awards (WTA), planned as part of an incendiary after-party. WTA is an international award for outstanding representatives of the digital industry in 11 categories: Best Ad Network, Best Marketing Influencer, Best Blockchain Project and others.

Moreover, there will be a grand ceremony of awarding the winners of the World Traffic Awards. WTA is an international award for outstanding representatives of the digital industry in 11 categories: Best Ad Network, Best Marketing Influencer, Best Blockchain Project and others.

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