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Travel Company Launches New Program To Help Shiba Inu Holders Earn Commissions

Shiba Inu is becoming more popular on Web2 as businesses seek to capitalize on its large fan base. Travala, a travel business that began accepting SHIB payments in 2021, is one of these companies. The travel booking business has gone one step further in its support of SHIB by launching a new program that will allow SHIB holders to earn commissions.

Travala came to Twitter on Wednesday to inform that Shiba Inu owners may now earn money on their platform. When someone uses their affiliate link, users can earn up to 5.55 referral commissions under the new scheme.

The notification now specifically states that SHIB holders are eligible for the referral scheme. The new scheme, which appears to be geared at promoting the platform’s use of SHIB as a payment method, will award a referral incentive when someone pays on Travala using SHIB via the affiliate’s link.

According to a description of the program and the associated prizes, affiliates will earn the most for hotel bookings booked using their affiliate link. Affiliates will earn 5% commission on hotel reservations and 4% commission on airfare tickets. The commission for users that register through the affiliate’s link is the last but not least. This time, they will receive 0.5% of all reservations made by a new user who registers using their affiliate link.

Travala was one of the first firms to announce Shiba Inu payment support. This was around the peak of the bull market in 2021, when the euphoria was at its peak. It offered the meme coin greater real-world usefulness by enabling users to utilize the site to pay for trip tickets.

City Pay, a Georgian payment service provider, revealed a new connection with Binance Pay earlier this week. Because SHIB is one of the cryptocurrencies that users may pay with using Binance Pay, the meme coin’s reach has grown even more.

As a result of this collaboration, Shiba Inu token holders will be able to use their tokens to make payments at over 600 shops throughout Georgia, including the famed Radisson Hotel, among others. Despite the adoptions, SHIB is not receiving any benefit from the news. The meme coin has almost completely lost all of its recent gains. It is presently trading at $0.00001103 after falling 2.7% in the previous day.


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