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Tron Halts Attempts to Claim Its $1 Million Twitter Hack Bounty

Tron, the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, has blocked attempts to claim its $1 million twitter hack bounty.

A source close to Cointelegraph asked them to put in touch with Tron to collect the company’s $1 million bounty for identifying the people responsible for last week’s Twitter hack.

In return Cointelegraph extended the courtesy of connecting this source with Tron after examining the highly credible evidence that was on offer. It was surprising to then observe Tron representatives make every excuse to avoid a source who had come forward with legitimate information about the hack the company claimed it wanted to solve.

The hack made on twitter was basically about a cryptocurrency related scam. It provoked users that the amount they sent will be doubled and returned.

The hackers were successful up to some extent as the accounts of Joe Biden, Kayne West, and Bill Gates were hacked.

First, Tron representatives urged the source to get a stamp of approval from Cointelegraph before examining anything themselves. We were happy for the source to explain everything to us — the information checked out, and we began creating an article based on that information while asserting that Tron needed to be in touch with the source, according to the report.

Source: Whenever [you guys] are free, we could hop in a Zoom or Discord call and explain everything to you guys.

Tron rep: No we can chat right here go ahead.

Source: It’s a lot, much easier over a voice call.

Tron rep: Not happening.

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