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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expressed his views on Donald Trump Ban

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (File Photo | PTI)

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has published a statement in which he defended the social media’s determination to ban U.S. President Donald Trump’s account. Interestingly, the executive also took a minute to appreciate bitcoin’s decentralized nature, stating that the Internet should aim to be more like it. In a multi-part thread, Dorsey explained the logic for silence President Trump on the U.S. leader’s favourite social media platform, Twitter. He opined that it was the correct decision. 

Moreover, news surfaced last week when various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, permanently suspended the still-active U.S. President Donald Trump account. Twitter’s decision bothered Trump the most as it was his ideal platform to expand his views and opinions. Nevertheless, Jack Dorsey’s social media giant discovered two critical tweets as remarkably inappropriate. It called the supporters that crashed into the U.S. Capitol “patriots”. Thus, stating that he wouldn’t go to the presidential inauguration on January 20th, 2020.

Donald Trump violated Twitter’s glorification of violence policy

Twitter announced that before-mentioned statements infringed the company’s Glorification of Violence Policy. Moreover, it stated that the user @realDonaldTrump should be promptly permanently suspended from the service. This resolution initiated a fair share of controversy. Some insisted that social media platforms have too much restraint and questioned the ban, while others said that the stoppage was the right way to go. Dorsey also approached the long-held allegations of Twitter’s leftist bias on President Trump. He assured the public that halting the platform’s president was not something he enjoyed contrary to popular belief.

Dorsey denied the allegations that all social media platforms that prevented Trump’s accounts worked together. While this distinct moment had requested this dynamic decision, such actions could be detrimental to the open internet’s noble idea and goals over the long term.

It’s worth remarking that Dorsey is a long-time bitcoin proponent. Aside from his other company, Square, allotting $50 million in the asset, his personal Twitter profile proceeds to demonstrate only one word – “#bitcoin.” In the thread, Jack Dorsey stated his constant appreciation of Bitcoin as a decentralized system, knowing the power that one man President Trump could hold on the entire world.

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