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Twitter Suspends Various Crypto Influencers Accounts

Twitter Suspends Various Crypto Influencers Accounts

Twitter has suspended the accounts of various influencers in the crypto space. It has suspended over seven accounts linked to cryptocurrencies with hundreds of thousands of followers each. They involve @100trillionUSD, @KoroushAK, @mmcrypto, @themooncarl, @TheCryptoDog, and @woonomic, and @wsbchairman. However, @woonomic, which is the account of Willy Woo, a Bitcoin on-chain analyst with above 325.5K followers, and PlanB’s handle @100trillionUSD, posts a BTC stock-to-flow model, were restored, but the rest remained suspended.

The suspended accounts have built prominent following over the last few years. The individuals concerned are famous in the crypto space for sharing trading tips and analysis. As per Woo, his Twitter account underwent suspension for over 6 hours before Twitter restored it. Twitter has not issued a public explanation for the sudden suspension of accounts. Without any official statement from Twitter behind the intended or mistaken suspension, many state that the sudden suspension is due to its inability to take action against the fake influencer accounts that frequently attempt to siphon crypto from victims.

The Suspension comes after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey endorses Bitcoin

Various crypto community members converge on what’s become recognized as “Crypto Twitter,” though space suffers from a high volume of scammers. Users such as @KoroushAK have many clone accounts that strive to extract crypto assets from other users. Twitter is infamous for unexpected account suspensions in various nations, although most of the time, those moves occur due to political disputes.

The suspension of these crypto influencer accounts is doubtful given Jack Dorsey’s endorsement of Bitcoin. Recently, he placed his first-ever tweet for sale as an NFT. Bidding is at $2.5 million with 11 days to conclude. Dorsey advocated that the funds would be transformed to Bitcoin and sent to GiveDirectly Africa Response. Dorsey, who also operates Bitcoin payments company Square, has been essentially concentrated on employing crypto to help Africa. Last month, he declared his plans to introduce a Bitcoin endowment, targeting Africa and India. 

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