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Twitter’s Biometric Data Collection Sparks Debate: What’s Next?

New Data Collection Measures for Enhanced Security

According to recent updates from the BBC, Twitter (X) is set to embark on a bold initiative by collecting biometric data from its users, aiming to bolster security on its platform. The social media giant plans to gather various types of information, including user photographs and photo IDs, starting from September 29.

In a move that signals Twitter’s evolving approach to user verification, the company is rumored to be venturing into recruitment services, considering the possibility of collecting employment and educational data from premium users. This intriguing development might pave the way for a more comprehensive user profile, but this data-gathering approach will be confined to select premium users.

“We’re introducing an optional verification process that involves submitting a government ID along with a selfie for an added layer of security,” shared company representatives. By extracting biometric data from the government-issued ID and the selfie, Twitter aims to establish a more vital link between user accounts and honest individuals, bolstering authenticity.

The primary motivation behind this new verification system is to counter impersonation attempts and enhance platform security. Notably, Elon Musk, the prominent figure behind Twitter, revealed plans to introduce audio and video call features, further expanding the platform’s capabilities.

Twitter’s Recent Developments and Controversies

In recent times, Twitter has been consistently making headlines. The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) recently filed a lawsuit against Musk’s space exploration venture, SpaceX, alleging discrimination against refugees in job postings. While the DOJ claims that federal laws are being misquoted to deny refugee opportunities, these accusations have sparked significant controversy.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s favored cryptocurrency, DOGE, has demonstrated marginal improvements in its performance over the past week. Just like its counterparts in the crypto realm, DOGE has experienced minor gains. At the time of writing, DOGE stands at $0.06395, reflecting a modest increase of 2.63% over the last week.

In conclusion, Twitter’s decision to gather biometric data marks a notable shift in its security strategy, signaling a broader commitment to thwart impersonation efforts. Despite controversies and legal challenges surrounding Musk’s ventures, the platform continues to evolve, with potential audio and video call features on the horizon. As the digital landscape transforms, the balance between security, privacy, and innovation remains a key focal point for platforms like Twitter.

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