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Uniswap And Worldcoin Struggle Under Bearish Tide As Momentum Shifts To Milei Moneda Presale


  • Uniswap (UNI) is in a downward trend, losing 37.8% in a month.
  • Worldcoin (WLD) experiences a significant price loss on the monthly charts.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) stands out as a top crypto to buy in 2024.

Uniswap (UNI) and Worldcoin (WLD) are among the top altcoins hit hard by the negative market trend. This downturn has shifted investors’ attention to one of the new ICOs, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), whose ongoing presale positions it as one of the best cryptos to invest in.

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Crypto Analyst Bullish About UNI’s Price Despite Bearish Run

UNI’s price is in a significant downward trend after losing 37.8% of its value over the past month. Moreover, Uniswap hasn’t performed well on the weekly charts either, losing 4.2% of its value.

Whether Uniswap will continue in this negative downward trend or make gains in the near future depends on several factors, including wider market trends, investor activity, and market sentiments.

However, crypto analyst Ali Martinez has sparked excitement in the crypto community with a bullish prediction for UNI. This comes despite the ongoing legal battle between Uniswap and the US SEC, which cast a shadow over Uniswap’s future price trajectory.

Ali highlighted the TD sequential buy signal flashing on UNI’s daily chart, noting that this signifies a possible rally, which could cause UNI price to soar to $10. However, this prediction is still 78% below its ATH value of $44.97. This is why Uniswap’s investors are currently shifting their focus to the Milei Moneda presale.


Worldcoin Announces New Blockchain Network as WLD Struggles

Worldcoin has been on a negative trajectory amid the broader market downturn. On the monthly charts, Worldcoin lost 35.9% of its value, which highlights its current struggle to gain momentum.

As WLD has been struggling under the bearish tide coupled with its large legal battles, the coin has revealed plans to develop a new blockchain network – World Chain.

Worldcoin’s blockchain network will be available to all, including developers and individuals. Moreover, it will be secured by the Ethereum network and serve the crypto sector as an Ethereum layer-2 sealing network.

However, whether this recent development will drive WLD’s price higher remains to be seen as investors are hopeful for a positive turnaround in WLD price.


Milei Moneda Attracts Significant Investment Despite Bearish Trends

While UNI and WLD struggle, Milei Moneda has made headlines recently due to its excellent presale performance. Beyond financial returns, the Milei Moneda ecosystem offers many benefits, as it accommodates many users worldwide. Additionally, investors can become members of its large community and can earn rewards in the form of NFTs.

While the $MEDA token is the native currency of the Milei Moneda ecosystem, its overall supply is 500 million. Experts believe $MEDA is the best crypto for beginners since it adopts a 0% transaction tax policy.

Due to the deflationary nature of $MEDA, the token will become scarce. This means its value will continue to appreciate as its entire supply declines. With the potential to generate huge returns, Milei Moneda has become the best crypto to invest in, especially for those who seek lucrative investment opportunities.

Furthermore, this meme coin offers 100% ROI for early investors who participated in Stage 1 of its presale. As Milei Moneda progresses to Stage 2, the value of its token has surged to $0.0125 from $0.010 in Stage 1, meaning those that invest now will stand the chance to receive 60% return on their investment once it launches on Uniswap next month at the token price of $0.020.

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