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Threeway Studio Co-founders Utkarsh Srivastava & Pranshul Saxena were all ready to meet the agile minds in the Parul University waiting for them to conduct exciting hands-on sessions.

To dive into the world of Web3 and explore the exciting possibilities of the decentralized web, they flew from their hometowns to Patiala (to deliver guest lectures with a web3 enthusiastic audience) & reached Vadodara on 23rd Feb ’23.

The main focus of our young entrepreneurs in the Techfest ‘Projections’ By ‘Parul University’ was to reach out to each and every attendee making them aware of the basics of Blockchain Industry.

Through hands-on exercises, expert-led sessions, and collaborative discussions, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the principles, tools, and technologies that power this emerging field.

DEETS about our Day 1 Sessions on Hands-On Blockchain


#Building Blocks Of Web3

The first day of the workshop conducted on 24th of February remained focused on the foundational elements of Web3, including blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps). 

We kept special focus on the attendees who were very new to the entire set of terminologies with respect to Blockchain Fundamentals

Participants learned how these technologies work together to create a decentralized ecosystem that enables secure, transparent, and trustless interactions.


The Key Highlights of the sessions were:

  • An introduction to blockchain technology and its key features
  • The role of smart contracts in decentralized systems
  • Designing and developing dApps using Web3 tools and frameworks
  • Understanding the potential of Web3 for disrupting industries and creating new opportunities
  • One Expert from Product and marketing team “Tanay Gandhi” also joined us for the exciting session to guide the esteemed audience on “CoinDCX” & “Okto”(Product by CoinDCX)

This workshop was for everyone ranging from developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of Web3. Anybody having no prior knowledge of blockchain or decentralized systems was also welcomed with open-arms as it all begins on Day1

Although most of our attendees were from coding and web development backgrounds.

Participants came prepared with the mindsets to collaborate, learn, and contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community of Web3 enthusiasts.

DEETS about our Day 2 Sessions on Hands-On Blockchain

# Advanced Web3 Concepts and Applications

The sessions of the second day of the workshop held on 25th of Feb was mainly built on the foundational knowledge delivered on day one, diving deeper into advanced Web3 concepts and applications. It also introduced the participants about the knowledge of NFTs.

How can they create their own collection?


The Key Highlights of the sessions were:


  1. Interoperability between different blockchain networks
  2. The role of decentralized finance (DeFi) in Web3
  3. NFTs and their potential for creating new markets and applications
  4. Solana tools for minting NFTs
  5. How to install ‘Sugar CLI’
  6. Know how to Upload Images & Meta Data to External storage
  7. The social impact of Web3 and the importance of building inclusive, decentralized systems
  8. What is the Future Scope of Candy Machine by Metaplex to launch their own NFT collections on the Solana Blockchain

The energy of the Students was so electric that even after conducting 4-5 hours sessions consecutively, our web3 passionate entrepreneurs didn’t seem tired.

The audience was certainly interested in knowing which slightest  thought in our Co-Founders minds emerged to take the shape of the organization delivering all kinds of services of the Blockchain Platform in just a year’s time. 

Their Backstories must have been inspirational enough for everyone to be glued to their seats (Attend Threeway Studio’s upcoming sessions to know the brainchild of these wonderful youth icons)

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