AI system (Courtesy: Twitter)
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US Develops AI To Prevent Crypto Mining From Malicious Attack

AI system (Courtesy: Twitter)
AI system (Courtesy: Twitter)

United States have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system which will be used to find out malicious codes that grows to hijack supercomputers which are linked to mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Moreno.

An Indian origin researcher was a part of the testing unit for the AI. According to a study in IEEE, these system will be able to identify the virus-inducted mining system convincingly.

“Our deep-learning artificial intelligence model is designed to detect the abusive use of supercomputers specifically for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining,” said study co-author Gopinath Chennupati, a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US.

“Based on recent computer break-ins in Europe and elsewhere, this type of software watchdog will soon be crucial to prevent cryptocurrency miners from hacking into high-performance computing facilities and stealing precious computing resources.”

In the current scenario across the globe, mining has a dominance in China. However, Kazakhstan is also developing a new mining lab, which is touted to be the largest in the world.

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