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US Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis Says She Bought the August Bitcoin Dip

A United States senator popular for rooting for crypto assets reveals spending thousands of dollars to buy Bitcoin. Additionally, the reports reveals she acquired the flagship cryptocurrency during the Mid-August dip or market crash.

Furthermore, this information is from the filing from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC). More so, it shows that Republican Senator Cynthia is the first woman from Wyoming to ever serve as a senator. Additionally, Senator Cynthia reveals spending about $50,000 and $100,000 on Bitcoin purchases on exactly August 16th.

Formerly, Senator Lummis says during a CNBC interview that she owns Five BTC token. Then, She goes on to advice her audience to buy into the largest cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation.

“I encourage people to buy and hold. I encourage them to save Bitcoin for their retirement,…”
“…their future. That’s because as Congress spends trillions and trillions flooding…”

Senator Lummis adds,
“…our economy and the world economy with US dollars, there’s no…”
“…way that we cannot debase the value of the US dollar.”

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Conclusively, Lummis goes ahead to deploy the Senate’s bipartisan Financial Innovation Caucus in June. Which of course, is a way to solidify Wyoming’s leadership in the realm of digital assets.

“I founded [the caucus] because Wyoming…”
“has been a leader in developing financial institutions to work with cryptocurrency.”
“And because Wyoming was the first state to establish a set of laws that are now being used…”

Senator Lummis continues,
“ charter new banks in cryptocurrency and take them through the Federal Reserve process…”
“…and integrate them into the traditional fiat currency world, I took an interest in this issue.”

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