Press Release

UShark Utility Token (USHA), success with investments in large startups and listing on major exchanges

As cryptocurrency continues to gain strength and popularity, more and more investors are turning to utility tokens as a way to invest in startups. One of these tokens that has recently gained attention is the UShark Utility Token.

Investing in startups can be a risky and challenging venture, but with the right approach and experience, it can also yield significant rewards. One company that has been successful in this area is uShark.

Through its unique tokenized investment structure, the UShark Token allows investors to purchase tokens similar to a share of a private equity fund, with the added benefit that token holders can use them as a means of payment in special conditions when buying products and/or services sold by the startups invested by the platform, and also have the right to sell the tokens at any time on large exchanges where the asset is listed. Additionally, token holders have the right to vote on platform decisions that require plebiscitary consultations. As startups grow and achieve success, the revenues generated by the platform through the performance of these startups, and the resources earned by UShark, generate even more liquidity for the tokens, as they are directed towards liquidity pools and token repurchases on exchanges.


One of the main advantages of the UShark Token approach is that it allows investors to access early-stage investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. By providing a way for investors to pool their resources and invest collectively, the UShark Token can offer startups the capital they need to take off and grow rapidly.


This innovative approach offers a unique way for investors to participate in the investment process and have an active voice in the selection of companies in which UShark invests. Additionally, the voting platform helps ensure that the startups in which UShark invests are aligned with the interests of token holders and the community at large.


Another good news for UShark is that it has recently been listed on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitmart, and is already announced to be listed on one of the largest exchanges in Asia, BKex. This year, the token is also confirmed to be listed on some of the top 10 global exchanges. This is a major achievement for the company, which will now have access to an even larger base of investors and traders.


The listing on more exchanges is proof of the success that UShark has achieved in recent times. The company is rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for investors who want to participate in the startup market, and the listing on global exchanges only reinforces this position.


For investors, the listing of UShark on more exchanges offers the opportunity to buy and trade UShark tokens even more easily. Moreover, with more platforms supporting the UShark Utility Token (USHA), the platform will be even more accessible and open to a larger user base.


But the most important move announced by the platform is undoubtedly the creation of the “UShark Startups Lab London,” a new startup accelerator based in London that is about to open its doors. The accelerator aims to support and empower early-stage startups to reach their full potential through a variety of opportunities from a full acceleration program through mentoring, training, and financing. Soon, applications will be open to early-stage startups with a clear business idea and a minimum viable product (MVP).


Startups will have to fill out an application form and provide information about their businesses, team, and objectives.

Selected startups will be invited for a virtual or in-person interview to discuss their business ideas and objectives.

The finalists will be selected and will receive a place in the accelerator program.

Another important point is the opportunity for these startups to have a headquarters in the UK, which further attracts the attention of those who wish to globalize their businesses.

Business, financial, and marketing consulting services are also in the portfolio of uShark Startups London for all types of companies, inside or outside the UK.

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