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Valkyrie Reveals Plans To Launch On-chain DeFi Fund Next Week

Valkyrie Investments in a new announcement, reveals plans to launch their first on-chain defi fund yesterday. Of course, it will hold a portfolio of defi blue chips.

Notably, The location of the funds is a hood difference between this fund and similar offerings.

While, other funds track the prices of assets passively, Valkyrie seeks to hold the assets on-chain.

Of course, this implies they will be able to use them to earn yield and passive income. That’s, from positioning these assets in different protocols.

Notably, The DeFI fund will kick off with $100 million from several investors and the firm’s partners.

Then, Wes Cowan, Valkyrie managing director of defi, explains

“This allows us to participate in the upside while also gaining additional yield from lending,..”
“liquidity pools, farming, and staking in the defi ecosystem…”
“We get the appreciation plus the compounded yield generated from on-chain defi participation.”

Additionally, The decentralized finance environment is a big and diverse movement, present on several cryptocurrency chains.

“We see a lot of opportunities on blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana.”

Lastly, Cowan, Valkyrie managing director of defi confirms that the chains this fund is looking to invest in.

“We see a lot of opportunities on blockchains including Ethereum,…”
“Avalanche, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, and Fantom.”

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