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Value of Bitcoin Becoming More Obvious As People Realize Banks Are Risky, Says Macro Guru Lyn Alden

In the wake of the recent collapse of several regional banks, renowned macro guru Lyn Alden asserts that the unique value proposition of Bitcoin (BTC) is finally gaining recognition among the masses. Alden, speaking at a recent MicroStrategy World Panel Session, highlights that Americans are gradually awakening to the inherent risks associated with traditional banks, a realization that the rest of the world has long understood.

Alden underscores that many individuals took for granted a concept that eluded a significant portion of the global population—the inherent riskiness of banks, particularly for those whose deposits exceed certain insurance limits. She explains that when we deposit funds in a bank, we essentially lend them money to invest in an array of assets, most of which remain undisclosed to the public. Regrettably, the average person cannot study the banks’ assets they entrust their money with, even if they desire to do so.

This ongoing banking crisis, according to Alden, is serving as an eye-opener for many investors who are now recognizing the true value of Bitcoin. The macro guru elaborates on a few of Bitcoin’s fundamental properties that make it an enticing store of wealth. She emphasizes the ability to self-custody one’s assets, safeguarding them against dilution and eliminating reliance on someone else’s liability. Alden believes that these intrinsic qualities of Bitcoin are gaining prominence as a direct result of the prevailing financial turmoil.

Consequently, the narrative surrounding Bitcoin is becoming more vital in light of the issues above. As people witness the universal risks inherent in the banking system, the concept of Bitcoin’s value proposition, such as possessing assets immune to dilution and avoiding counterparty risks, is gaining traction. Individuals are starting to appreciate the benefits of a decentralized, self-sovereign form of wealth storage that Bitcoin offers.

In conclusion, the collapse of several regional banks has spurred an awakening among individuals regarding the vulnerabilities of the traditional banking system. Lyn Alden, an esteemed macro guru, contends that the crisis has illuminated the distinct advantages of Bitcoin, with its ability to serve as a secure store of wealth. As the narrative strengthens, more individuals recognize the unique value proposition Bitcoin offers, including the ability to retain full control over their assets and mitigate the risks associated with traditional banking.


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