Water Conditions in Africa Take the Crypto Recourse For Improvement

H20 through H20 taken raises 150 million in funding to solve the water crisis in Africa. Use cases are diversifying adoption.

Water crisis in Africa is going to get over the nerve of the population. The population in Africa will have no access to fresh water by 2025. That said, the water crisis will be much more severe than even drought or food crisis. Approximately 230 to 400 million people will suffer due to this. Hence, H20 securities, a South African Securities fund  has taken the initiative to restore the balance. 

What H20 Securities is Doing? 

H20 raised $150 million in funding through their H20 token which they will use to build infrastructure for supporting the water crisis. The company wants to bring significant improvement in the water infrastructure in Africa. Consumers in Africa will not only get a world class infrastructure but can also pay in H20 tokens for their water bills to enjoy the market upside. 

H20 token will be further used to aid the initiative of building a sustainable ecosystem where there will be no difficulty in restoring the right balance for peaceful co-existence. 

Other Social Activities 

Apart from building and developing a sustainable ecosystem for the African population, H20 has also proposed to invest in food waste processing firms and a laser based firm with the name Ocular that aims at restoring vision of the people. 

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