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Wendyverse: A Metaverse Restaurant

Wendyverse features a virtual fast-food restaurant which is located in a Wendy’s virtual town square

Since the inception of the Metaverse, it has introduced a plethora of applications that have influenced how we understand commercial and gaming experiences today. 

Facebook, to pay homage to this vision and to signify its confidence in the potential of Metaverse, changed its name to ‘META’. 

How does it feel to be in a virtual shop? To put it into a more coherent story, let’s step a bit into the gaming space, where AR or Augment Reality or VR, also known as Virtual Reality, has been applied. 

The presence of wearables is among the first basis that one is about to experience AR or VR. Before, this set-up was limited to gaming experiences.

Now, we have so many industries taking advantage of VR and AR; it entered medical practice, then entertainment.

Today we see construction and development, logistics and forwarding and even unconventional practices. 

We also know how serious the tech companies are into this; big companies like Nike, Samsung and even HSBC are well engaged in this area, but restaurant or fast food? 

Wendy: Fast-food chain in Metaverse

Wendy’s was among the easily noticed investor in this space, putting the term “Wendyverse” within Metaverse Horizon.

Wendy’s is expected to grow its investment in this area. However, the virtual restaurant of Wendy’s, has a twist in the experience.

Using their avatars or virtual selves, people can play basketball with probable baconers or anything they have on the menu.

Wendy’s is also about to build “Sunrise City” with an obstacle course, and to add to this is the “Frosty Village”, which includes skis using french fries.

Making VR/AR engagement a part of one’s lifestyle makes one loyal to a specific brand in that VR experience.

As we deep dive into the applications of the Metaverse, we always realise that we haven’t got into the middle of it; we are just scratching the surface.

And as for Wendyverse, this is a good use case to create customer engagement and produce points that can redeem favourite foods on the menu. 

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